It’s #MedalMonday! 2022 Virtual Series medals are here, and we preview the Marathon Weekend medals

It was a slow rollout nationwide, but the 2022 Virtual Series – Celebrating Frozen medals are finally around the necks of happy virtual racers. The three 5k medals are snow globes featuring our favorite heroes from Frozen, and the challenge medal features Olaf and has a fun spinning feature. There’s a bonus trading pin for the challenge completers which is a mini replica of the challenge medal, but no snow included.

When mine arrived, the medals looked like they had been stacked on their sides for a while – all the snow was lodged on the left side of the medals. It took about 30 minutes of gentle tapping to get the snow blowing freely, but it was possible.

Of course it’s all about Olaf – and he graces both sides of the challenge medal spinner:

Click “play” to see Olaf in action!

I love when my medals arrive, but I’m not the only one who looks forward to getting a box!

It’s been a busy week for medal news! runDisney has revealed the medal designs for the 90s-themed 30th Anniversary Marathon Weekend. They’re colorful and so much fun!

Challenge medals usually bring some sort of surprise. I’m guessing Goofy and Dopey spin, but it’s hard to speculate what’s hiding behind Goofy’s retro sunglasses. I’m putting my money on some sort of The Goofy Movie / Powerline tie-in, but I guess I’ll need to wait until January 8 to know for sure.

Which medals are your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!

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